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Epic Citadel iPad/iPhone Game Demo Thoughts

So, the big news at today’s music event, of course, was a demo of a game from Epic Studios called “Epic Citadel”. Unless you’re into iPods, I guess. Then, there was that stuff.

Anyone who’s in to mobile gaming, though, is bound to have been impressed by a short demo of a game powered by the Unreal Engine, featuring a medieval town, and a pretty gnarly fight scene.

Indeed, the demo (sans the fighting) is now available for download via the iTunes Store, and it’s…impressive. Really impressive. It’s the sort of thing that you’ll show people because it’s super cool. 

I took this screenshot while wandering about town…:


You can walk down there, walk along the river. 

For now, that’s it.

But, I wonder: Will the world ever be larger than this? Or, as is often the case, is this gorgeous backdrop going to be a limited setting for people to meet up and stage one-off duels and then post bragging rights about how you knocked “willow” on his ass with a slash from your mage-wand? The game was demoed as part of the Game Center discussion, so it sounds like it’ll be social, and my fear is that it’s not going to turn into the epic, deep, explore-a-massive-world-while-questing-style game that I think many are envisioning.

Great visuals and a small town won’t end the debate about whether the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch is a valid contender to the PSP or Nintendo DS.

Give us immersive. Give us epic.

Here’s hoping…