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Facebook Bug (Hack?) Disabling Thousands of Women’s Accounts

My wife emailed me this morning to let me know that her Facebook page had inexplicably been disabled. Sure enough, she’s no longer listed as a friend, and I’m no longer married “to” Carolyn Ford — I’m just married.

My go to check for Facebook issues is a Twitter search — if it’s a widespread issue, Twitter usually returns a lot of hits — and sure enough, a search for “Facebook Disabled” returns thousands of hits and counting. Try it and see.

Interestingly, every single complaint seems to be coming from female members of Facebook. The only men I see complaining are complaining on behalf of a female they know or work with.

Most of the accounts have been disabled for being “inauthentic” and several people are reporting that they can only get it back by uploading a “government issued” photo ID. Sketchy.

To make matters worse, Facebook provides no way that I can find to actually contact someone, or submit a report about the issue. Why the fuck a social community makes it so flipping difficult to actually get in touch with someone to address an issue is beyond me.

That this happened the day after they roll out a revolutionary new messaging system leads me to believe someone screwed something up, but here’s hoping they resolve the issue soon.

Meanwhile, I guess I’ll have to resort to emailing my wife. 


Boy Genius Report picked up my tip about this, and they’re speculating that it could be a hack. Given the request that disabled users scan and upload a “government issued photo ID” and send it in, I think that’s a pretty likely scenario.


Facebook is confirming that this was a bug — not a hack — and says they’ll be reactivating accounts as quickly as possible. BGR received a response from Facebook which says they discovered the bug almost immediately.

Which raises some questions:

  1. Why force people to freak the hell out on Twitter? Why not deploy a system which drops a dismissible banner notification across the top of every Facebook page until the problem is fixed? Facebook has a real problem with transparency and that seems like such an easy problem to solve.
  2. Really? Facebook’s solution to “proving” that a person is who she says she is, is to disable an account without warning and ask the affected person to scan and upload their driver’s license to Facebook’s servers? 1) That is some scary bullshit and 2) who in their right mind wouldn’t get suspicious about something like that? Fuck that. I’d sign up for a new account before I’d give Facebook my driver’s license.
  3. Why only women?
  4. I hate being a nobody and having to settle for letting bigger sites “break” stories. Pout. Oh well, the larger point was to make sure people saw that this wasn’t an isolated incident and it led to an official response. Win-ish.

Update 03:

Carolyn’s account is back up.

    All Aboard the iPhone 4 Rumor Train with Scott Moritz

    I think we can all agree that The Street is pretty worthless, right? Right.

    Scott Moritz apparently feels as though this isn’t a foregone conclusion, so he’s doing everything in his power to jackass his way into the absurd-rumor-mongering-gone-wild Hall of Fame:

    Apple Grapples with White iPhone Light Leak

    (Better to be leaking light than iPhones, I guess.)

    Manufacturing partners have apparently clued Moritz in to the real issue behind the white iPhone 4 delay: Light leakage. Maybe, maybe not. But:

    Skeptics scoffed, calling it a white lie invented to hide the fact that Apple was actually suspending production to make a significant internal fix to the ongoing antenna defect.

    Skeptics, eh? I wonder who that could be. All aboard! Next stop…

    Tech Wreckage: Apple iPhone White Lie

    What? This fucking joker again? Hard to believe, but yes, Moritz cited his own opinion when he referred to “skeptics”. (Note the plural. Maybe he should have said skepticz.) More interesting still, if the anonymous manufacturing partners turn out to have been correct—light leakage!—then Moritz’s “white lie” flippity-flap will have to have been composed of the finest quality speculative FUD. 

    Shit. No time to dwell on that: All aboard! Next stop…

    Apple iPhone 4 Fix Revealed

    Jesus. This is like that episode of Scooby Doo where Dick Van Dyke operated the ticket booth and all the rides in the amusement park. 

    So, the skeptics—err, Moritz’s—accusation of a white lie can be traced back to yet another article by Moritz, once again based on the word of anonymous manufacturing partners, this one posted before Apple’s press conference announcing free bumpers.


    Worst train ride ever.